Secret letters published for the first time have revealed that two of Marie Antoinette’s children were fathered by a Swedish diplomat, and not the King.
This is the assertion of British historian Evelyn Farr, who examined the last Queen of France’s correspondence with Swedish Count Axel von Fersen.
She claims their 20 year affair culminated in the birth of her youngest daughter Sophie and the young dauphin Louis-Charles.
Sophie was the royal couple’s fourth child, and died just weeks before her first birthday while her elder brother Louis-Charles died aged 10, during his imprisonment by French revolutionaries.

A series of explosive letters that reveal convincing evidence that the children were illegitimate will be published this March for the first time in ‘I Love You Madly – Marie Antoinette: The Secret Letters’.
The correspondence, which has been cross-referenced with other historical documents, many unpublished, confirms unequivocally their passionate and enduring love affair.
According to author Evelyn Farr, the most damning evidence of the illegitimate parentage is a letter written to British Prime Minister William Pitt and Foreign Secretary Lord Grenville by a friend of Axel von Fersen as they sought to escape the revolutionaries.
Quintin Craufurd was involved in the family’s escape and plead with the British for help, or at least neutrality for the fleeing royals.