Luxembourg’s Princess Stéphanie is quoted as describing her husband as “very present, very attentive, always ready to listen, even exceptionally so. Like a lot of women, I like to talk,” she said.

We share a love of music. Even if his tastes are a little less classic than mine. Guillaume has a good ear for music. He sings remarkably well and composes. I’m also fortunate to have a husband who cooks very well!”

According to the article, after three years of being married to the prince, she said she has settled into her new high profile role, saying she is “not the same person today. It’s now an integral part of who I am, my personality, which wasn’t the case at the start of our marriage. I feel wholly Luxembourgish. I am at home.”

Princess Stéphanie described her mother-in-law, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, as very kind, always willing to listen if needed. “That is very important,” Stéphanie was quoted as saying.

Two months prior to her fairy tale wedding to Prince Guillaume in Luxembourg, Stéphanie’s mother, the Countess Alix de Lannoy, passed away. “Without Guillaume, I never would have gotten through that. These two months of mourning mixed with wedding preparations have made us stronger still.”

At no point in the article does she refer to any decisions about being a mother, as was suggested in a recent “Hello” article.