File photo of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in London

The Prince of Wales and the Lady Diana Spencer have ended months of speculation with the announcement they are to be married.
At 1100GMT Buckingham Palace made the engagement official.

Lord Maclean, the Lord Chancellor made the following statement at an investiture at the Palace: “It is with greatest pleasure that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh announce the betrothal of their beloved son the Prince of Wales to the Lady Diana Spencer, daughter of the Earl Spencer and the Honourable Mrs Shand Kydd.”

Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana three weeks ago at a private dinner at Buckingham Palace before she went to Australia.

He wanted her to use the trip to think over his proposal but she accepted immediately and he gave her a diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

In a BBC interview, the 32-year-old Prince said he was “delighted and frankly amazed that Diana is prepared to take me on”.

Looking shyly up through her long blond fringe and giggling occasionally, Lady Diana said she too was “delighted and thrilled, blissfully happy”.