Grand Duchess Maria Teresa knows about the troubled areas around the world.
Most observers think first jihad and women subject to repression and “Foreign Fighters”. However, there are not only courageous men, but also women who rise in crisis-hit countries against jihadism. Women who fight back with all vehemence against their oppressors. Just these examples “of light” says the Grand Duchess at first, entertains you with her about women and jihad. Above all, the individual courage of many women they impressed.

The Grand Duchess called an example of the fate of a Tunisian mother and two Iraqis. Both women asked unknown and to be alone with their deeds, rebelled against religious warriors.

“True heroism”

“Just the fact that some women defend themselves without help against jihadist oppression is already a true feat in itself,” the Grand Duchess emphasizes in an interview with the daily paper.

An example of this is the courage of the Tunisian Khaoula Rashidi. As on March 7, 2012 a jihadist caught the national flag to the Tunisian University of Manouba in order to replace it with the black banner of the Islamic State (IS), put a student Khaoula Rashidi to prevent this. “It is admirable how brave was this student,” the Grand Duchess praises the Tunisian.

The flag incident

Rashidi was awarded for the flag incident by the Tunisian President with a medal. No less impressive is the case of two Iraqis who several times docked with the IS to save five Iraqi soldiers who were stuck in an IS-area. One of the Iraqis had gone so far that they have received the soldiers with him and falsified their IDs. The soldiers were on the paper to sons of the woman.

“It’s incredible. In the house where she had received the soldiers, their daughters and grandchildren were, “said the Grand Duchess. The woman had packed all occupants including children and soldiers on a bus and taken along for the ride. “You have eleven checkpoints of the Islamic State happened, without being detected.” The woman arrived at the destination, leaving the soldiers free.

Dark of the subject

A few kilometers near Baghdad adopted another woman the fate of the five soldiers and organized them a vehicle. “Such positive examples are very important to me.”

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, but also the dark side of the issue is well aware. Besides the numerous kidnapping and abuse victims, the phenomenon of female terror tourists was a serious problem. Social media played an important role in this context.

Many of the young women would be broadly recruited over the Internet. Many are only 14-19 years old. Be reasonable seeking young people, whose lives resulting from their own point of view does not make sense (see page 10). “You have to imagine: These women want the jihadist madness live. Here Experts point out: The young women do not understand what lurks at the IS on it or is really going on there. It’s a tragedy. ”

“False Ideals”

Many believed they would be on a level with the wife of the Prophet Muhammad according to their deeds. Accordingly, the young women from religious and political reasons, are on completely the wrong track.

“There are false ideals, but they penetrate the psyche of these unstable young people and have a correspondingly negative impact,” reads the analysis of the Grand Duchess.

It was necessary to counter this development.