Grand Duchess Maria Teresa celebrates her 60th birthday on Tuesday. On Saturday was the wife of Grand Duke Henri guest in the show “Background on Gespréich” on “RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg

60 years are a long time, the Prince children are now all grown up and now they can use the time to carry out projects in various fields. At retirement not long think. “As the wife of the Grand Duke you can do this anyway  only if the head of state himself will retire,” said Maria Teresa.

More than half of her life she spent in Luxembourg. 35 years ago, she came not only as prospective wife of the future Grand Duke, but also as a “stranger” in the Grand Duchy. Today she is a Luxembourger. With three years she had left her home and was then always been in search of their roots. “With my marriage I found my country,” says the native Cuban who temporarily possessed Swiss citizenship.

Another theme in the show was the refugee policy. She feels the asylum seekers appreciate. Maria Teresa: “It saddens me that often the situation is not recognized, the problems are known, yet the political decisions are postponed The refugees are people…” Luxembourg makes as much immigration country to accept refugees. Nevertheless, the applicant would have to integrate this country and accept the Luxembourg culture, said the Grand Duchess.

The mother of five also talked about the role of women in society. Women would be getting a little torn feel if they had to combine family and career. No mother let her sick child home alone like back to go to work. It had already been made a lot of progress to facilitate parents everyday and yet can still much to be improved. “And yet we are still in a man’s world,” stated the Grand Duchess.

The position of women in society is very important. Women could contribute if their views would be taken into consideration. Men and women would be complementary. Children would need mother and father. And precisely because it is their never fallen slightly over 15 years ago, when she was away with the Grand Duke to State rounds and official occasions and have their children therefore solely with the caregivers have to leave. The Prince children they had never especially protected because they would have to learn to live with their special statute.

The strained by a former employee process, in which the grand-ducal court has to answer for harassment and wrongful termination, was also addressed. The Grand Duchess said in this regard: “Although it is not particularly pleasant to walk with such a matter to the public, it was important to us that we had not use taxpayers’ money to settle the matter out of court..”

The Grand Duchess also thanked the people of Luxembourg for their discretion and the respect that they pay tribute to the grand-ducal family. Maria Teresa: “The only reason we can lead a normal private life and go undisturbed in the restaurant or to the movies.” When asked about her role as Grand Duchess, she said that of course they would support in the first place the Grand Duke in his duties. Your working day is usually filled with a lot of work and numerous meetings, the known for her social and humanitarian commitment Grande-Duchesse.