Exclusive Interview with King Carl Gustaf  withAftonbladet

There is a real party in the royal family. 70-year celebration, at least one christenings and so ruby wedding. Which party will be the most fun?
All events are nice. Births and baptisms’s a little more familiar. For my part, I always find it funny to do something for other people. Birthday is a good time to give thanks for what we have experienced for many, many years. You can invite friends, acquaintances, family, government, and of course many of the state administration, the official Sweden.

How does it feel to fill 70?
50 years ago I did not think I would feel so positive and feel as good as I do. They did not know if we could move at all. I’m as curious about life now as then, and look forward with great confidence. There is still a lot left.

What is the most important thing the King does, according to the King’s own opinion?
To be a unifying symbol for the country. It has been in all times. I want to be an apolitical and unbiased person standing in the middle of the village. The Palace is really in the middle of town

What does the King think of the monarchy’s role in modern Sweden?
A monarchy, and the good relations in a modern democracy, tuning between between them is something special. It is, in modern terms, a trademark of what Sweden wants and stands for. As I see it, the monarchy is a structure, a foundation which also includes culture, history and tradition. A history-less society is very, very fragile.

The King will apparently be Sweden’s longest reigning ruler. The current title holder is Magnus Eriksson who ruled Sweden for almost 45 years in the 1300 ‘s. Already this year beats King runner up, great-grandfather Gustaf V. How does it feel?
We do not know if this will be the case. It is not a matter which I have reflected. I happened to be very young when I took over as King after my grandfather. But I have thought about it in a different way. A child knows about at the age of 10 who the King is, that’s when they start saying “Hello, King”. All over, up to 45 years, has never experienced an other King than me. It makes me proud and a little worried in any way. It is a responsibility.


The King now has four grandchildren and two of them live in Stockholm. How often are the King and Queen are as babysitters?
I’ll be honest, it is not very often. We’re fairly busy. I read a recent interview with Princess Madeleine, where she expressed that she as a child missed their parents because we were away so much. It was a real nuisance every time we were going away, it was really difficult for both of us and her. She expressed in this interview and I was really moved. I may not have really understood that it was so. It was maybe a bit tough, we were forced to go away.

What does the King do with his grandchildren?
They are so small so I’ll probably dont’t do much yet. Estelle begins, of course, grow to like that maybe you will soon be able to find something