Turkey welcomed the fifth generation grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II on Friday, as the newest prince of the Ottoman Empire Abdülaziz Osmanoğlu said hello to the world in Istanbul.
At 10:00 a.m. little blue-eyed Osmanoğlu opened his eyes in the Private Memorial Hospital in Bahçelievler, ready to be embraced by his loving mother Walaa Osmanoğlu and father Abdülhamid Kayıhan Osmanoğlu. Grandfather Harun Osmanoğlu, grandmother Farizet, aunt Nurhan, grandmother Najwa Ghuniem and older brother Harun Osmanoğlu were also the first ones to be beside him, to welcome the 26th living Ottoman prince.
Abdülaziz Osmanoğlu is also the 9th grandchild of Sultan Harun Osmanoğlu, a member of the Ottoman Dynasty.