A priest killing is against our religion. A priest killed in his church is unforgivable insane. Those who engage terrorism in the name of Islam , are not Muslims.”

With these words, King Mohammed VI condemned the terrorist attack in Normandy and attacks elsewhere in Europe.
The king stressed that terrorist attacks have also taken casualties in the Moroccan diaspora.

“Anyone who believes in what I say now is a target of terrorism.”

Groups like IS making advantage of the lack of knowledge of Islam and the Arabic language, particularly among young Muslims in Europe said the king. They get these young people to attack the ideals of Islam: freedom, openness and tolerance. According to King Mohammed VI should these people think carefully about the extent to which they are responsible for the innocent victims who have fallen so far.
The king calls Moroccans abroad to stand together with other believers against hatred and violence and to show that a multicultural society can indeed be successful