Crown Prince Alexander Interview with “Royal Gazette” First monarchist Serbian newspaper. We have tried to translate..So that all can read about the great work this Royal Family does for his people.

Restoring a constitutional monarchy future for a strong and rich Serbia.
Your Royal Highness, can you the readers of the newspaper explain what you mean by the return to Serbia, the land of our forefathers and its rulers?

This was a very valuable experience, accompanied by strong emotions. I’ve always wanted to go back home, but this basic human right was cruelly denied from me until 2001. And my father was very hurt when he was ripped from the house. My wife reminded me that I, when we came back to live at the Royal Palace, fifteen years ago, said: “Do you think you’re father is sitting here” and “I finally got back home.” I also know how many of our people have experienced similar pain of exile from the homeland.

What are your impressions of Serbia?

Serbia is a beautiful country, a country with warm people. I had the opportunity to travel through whole Serbia and meet a lot of wonderful people. Serbia is full of history, talent, versatility and charm. The Council should know that we are good and careful people.

Your father, King Petar II, as a young man he had to leave the country, do you have the knowledge of how it all on happend?

My father was not even eighteen years old when he was forced to leave the country. For him it was a severe blow whose effects felt throughout his life. He always wore a longing for the homeland and a desire to return. He was surrounded by intrigues, lies and secrets, which are the negative impact on his life. In short, had the same fate as the country he represented as thousands of people with whom he shared the same life values. However, now he is back to his homeland, and was buried in the family mausoleum at Oplenac with his parents, brothers and fathers. I will be forever grateful to our government who made this possible three years ago.

Try to explain to us what kind of life you lead when you was not in Serbia?

I’ve tried hard to keep his life and his work living, but I always dreamed of my country. I witnessed the enormous pain that accompanied my father, and was sorry for him. My grandmother Queen Mary and my uncles Prince Tomislav and Prince Andrew have also suffered a lot and be tortured. A next to mine, and lots of other families suffered the homeland.

You are an intellectual, educated man. Can you give us your opinion on the future of Serbia?

We are now a democratic country. Indeed we are trying to recover from dictatorship, sanctions, aggression and severe economic crisis, therefore, all we’ve endured. It’s not easy these days, especially when we have the threat of terrorism. I know that our government is working hard to continue reforms, economic recovery, and in particular the creation of new jobs and attract investment. I support the position of our Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic as regards the entry into the European Union (EU). We need many EU markets and investment, but the situation today is not easy in light of the concerns about Brexit federalized Europe and Brussels. We have to have a voice in Europe and to take participation in decision-making. Most of our neighbors are members of the EU. We need good relations with our neighbors. We need unity and mutual respect. Serbia has a great future.

Do you expect that the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Law Offices return your property to you and your family ?

National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on restitution of confiscated property and compensation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 72/2011), which entered into force on 6 October 2011. On the basis of that law established the Agency for restitution. We as a family are working hard together to restitution.

Please, Your Majesty, tell us about the perspective of your arrival to the throne of Serbia?

It depends of the people of Serbia want it.

When arriving in Serbia, your family and you have made hundreds of examples to how you care on humanistic activities?

I am very proud of my wife Princess Katherine and her Foundation and its work. It was 1993. She initiated humanitarian organization Lajflajnsa offices in the United States (Chicago and New York), Canada (Toronto), the UK (London) and Greece (Athens). In early August 2001 was established the Foundation of HRH Princess Katherine in Belgrade. Otherwise, we are bringing humanitarian aid to Serbia since 1993. Millions of euros and dollars in specialized medical equipment, medicines, ambulances, etc. entered into Serbia. It also organized training for our doctors abroad in the United States and medical conferences in Serbia. All the help is shared regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. My Education Foundation has provided scholarships, established the Centre for Career Development and done more.

Serbian Patriarch Irinej and Serbian Orthodox Church are for the establishment of a constitutional monarchy and the Serbian people increasingly believe that the restoration of the monarchy the only way is for Serbia to once again be a strong and stable country. Are you ready to take this responsibility for the people?

Our Patriarch is wonderful. The basic principle of constitutional monarchy that is a symbol of the king and the government operates. The king symbolizes unity, stability and continuity. Land managed by the prime minister and his cabinet. I am ready, if the nation is ready.

Your Highness, whether the state wants to help finance court as a cultural and historical institutions of the country?

The palace complex has a special historical significance to understand and the Government. It takes a lot to be done to preserve, just as was done with the National Assembly, and I am sure that the quick settlement. The palace complex has a special historical significance from before the Second World War and after. Since 2001, it is open to visitors, and thousands of guests have so far enjoyed it.

Your visit to the palaces of Europe encourages the Serbian people that their government to help the proclaimed Serbian development policy?

There is no doubt that the friendship and relations that we have with other families is great benefit to Serbia. We also have excellent relations with many republics. For Serbia, it was very positive when Prince Charles arrived for a state visit . Also, the King of Sweden, who visited twice Serbia.

Could you tell us to what the Crown council means?

The Crown Council is always there to give me advice or recommendation. I appreciate their advice.

Tell us about your children, what are their ambitions and plans?

Petar, Philip and Alexander independently earn a living, and have always been a great support in humanitarian activities. They have a lot of friends and will always be with us. They are proud of their origin.

Are you going to as future king of Serbia to support and continue the tradition of Princess Persida Karađorđević your great-grandmother?

My wife and I have a Band-Aid the Temple of Saint Sava, because the church was a symbol of Serbian churches. I also visited Chilandar immediately after the terrible fire of 2004, and I think that your initiative is very exalted, because our monasteries at the same time is a symbol of our existence and survival of our culture and identity and, of course, our faith.

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