Princess Martha Louise of Norway has spoken about her divorce from husband of fourteen years Ari Behn for the first time since the couple announced their decision to split back in August.
The Princess took to centre of alternative therapies site Soulspring, which she co-founded with business partner Elisabeth Nordeng back in 2007, to speak about her experience with the divorce, and to offer help to those who are going through similar situations.

The Princess said : “I have the position I have in Norway, which means I have to share the things happening in my life whether positive or negative and, as you know, I’m going through a divorce, which is a very painful period in my life.”
“You can work at being more honest with yourself, and then deal directly with your unique and deep feelings. Of course, it is difficult and tedious, but it also means that you can process it and recover faster…Without that knowledge, I would not be here now.”