On Saturday September 10th, Sissi and her companion, Countess Irma Sztáray de Sztára et Nagymihály, left the Beau-Rivage Hotel at 13.35. They took a walk on the bank of the Geneva river, in order to get to the port to board the Genève ship to Montreux.At some point, the 25-year old Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni approached them and it seemedlikehe tripped hurting Sissi in the process as if he was trying to keep his balance. However, everything was a manoeuvre, in order not to arouse the suspicion of the passers-by. Nobody realised, not even the victim, that Lucheni had actually stabbed the Empress in the chest.
The Empress fell to the ground because of the attacker, yet she did not realise she had been stabbed. Sztaray aided the Empress to get to the ship, yet when she released Sissi’s arm, she lost her conscience. Sztaray asked for a doctor, but since there was none aboard, a nurse who was a passenger on the ship intervened. Sissi was taken aboard and laid on a bench. Sztaray opened her corset so as to make her breathe easily, yet Sissi lost her conscience again, after she came back for a few moments.

Only then did the passengers notice a small blood stain in the chest area on the Empress’ clothes. Alarmed, Sztaray told the captain who the woman really was and he decided to turn the ship back to the port. Sissi was taken back to the hotel, but after a short while, she died. The doctors arrived too late; they pronounced her death at 14.10