Simeon arrived in Spain in 1951, fleeing from his homeland and his family eventually became one of the most famous of coated paper. He spent 50 years in exile before presenting and winning democratic elections in his home country. Now he publishes his memoirs, A singular destination (Ediciones Nobel), Now a interview with Simeon of Bulgaria , talking about his political career, his friendship with King Juan Carlos and Hassan II of Morocco and the tragic death of his son Kardam.
Simeon of Bulgaria (born in Sofia, 1937) became king after his father Boris III in 1943, and lived in seclusion in the royal palace until he went into exile two years. He has been a privileged witness of World War II, the Cold War, the fall of the Wall or the Spanish Transition. For 50 years the king, who speaks six languages and reads a few more, he lived in Madrid. In the capital he completed his studies ( he was a fellow at the French School of Miguel Boyer and Gregorio Peces-Barba ) and met his wife, Margarita Gomez-Acebo aristocrat.
King Simeon about hir friendship with the Spanish Royal Family :

“” King Juan Carlos told me he would abdicate six months earlier. I informed him the confidence we have always had. I admit that I was surprised but, well, everyone has their motivation. We have grown up almost together. Especially since 1954, in Greece. There I met the Queen Sofia , “says Simeon of Bulgaria.

King refers to the year in which both agreed to go on board on the Agamemnon, the cruise sailed the waters of the Mediterranean with members of the European Gotha on board. A trip organized by Queen Federica of Greece. “Everyone there was known; after the war the Royal Family had stayed at home, or wherever, but also in the side that had chosen

. ” On The Agamemnon Simeon and King Juan Carlos forged an unbreakable friendship in which there have been difficult moments. On June 8, 2015, in the Church of San Jeronimo El Real de Madrid, the media picked up his excitement when receiving the condolences of the Spanish Royal Family at the funeral of his son Kardam , Prince of Turnovo, who died at 52 years age after seven battling the aftermath of a traffic accident. ” When he died I spent two days as a zombie . I remember when King Juan Carlos left the car and I was waiting on the steps of the Jeronimos with my grandson Boris , the oldest of the two sons of Kardam and Miriam Ungría-. She looked at him and said, ‘ you’re the spitting image of your father!’. And of course, I was moved to horrors. “

The Infanta Cristina was one of the attendees. Since March 2014, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of King Paul VI did not match Felipe and Letizia. Simeon prefer not to talk about the situation in which the infanta is:

” To That issue I do not say a word. I do not want too. In every sense. Not for me, you know? So many people has spoken. Beyond them.

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