Book from own collection : Bernhard, 1911-2004


Official commemorative book about Prince Bernhard, based on the reports of NOS News about the Royal Family. Six chapters of his life and death set to successively come with interment in Delft on 11 December 2004 . The period between death and interment with attention to the characterization of the person of the prince, the period up to coming to the Netherlands (1911-1936) focusing on his childhood, youth, and his marriage to princess Juliana, Bernard as a soldier during World War II, his life as a prince consort and as a politician willy-nilly, and in recent years . Inter alia with the speech of Prime Minister Balkenende n.a.v. the death of Prince Bernhard and very much (sometimes unknown) photographs in color and black and white. On the back a preface by Maartje van Weegen. A well-written, clear and informative book of remembrance.

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