In this book about the Orange brides of the past 150 : Marianne, Sophia, Emma, Wilhelmina, Juliana, Irene, Beatrix, Margriet, Christina, Marilene, Annette, Laurentien, Margarita, Maxima and Mabel addressed. A large part of the book consists of known facts: Each bride is what told about youth, origin, education, career, introduction to the Orange prince or king, reactions of the Royal Family and the people, engagement, wedding etc. That all supplemented and mixed with – most well-known – stories, scandals, speculation and gossip and conclusions and inferences of the author. With a booklet with (color) wedding photos and a bibliography. For royalty fans who like to read gossip titivated facts, written in an easily readable style.

To bad are the many Spelling mistakes and wrong data…

This makes it a little bit a funny book.

What else you can expect from a tabloid journalist?