Open-hearted  : Queen Beatrix about  herself …: her job, her marriage, her family, her faith 2011 -149 Pages.

We know much more than we ever thought about Queen Beatrix. This includes the four (wide) TV interviews that Beatrix gave during her reign and then split into 24-odd themes majesty as an ordinary person, her preparation for kingship, her role as a mother, her turbulent wedding, prince Claus as a advisor, her experience in times of hardship and sorrow, her passion (model), the bulging diary, her faith and thus a large number of sub-themes. On many subjects, the queen is remarkably open hearted. It appears the difficulty she had with her predestined role as queen, how high they raise the bar for herself and her environment, how happy her life on Drakensteyn ,how lonely it became after the death of Claus, how she enjoyed the visits in the country, how difficult it was the transition to the Hague, how they can efface and how she feels supported by her faith. So we know Beatrix in a way that has not arisen before. The many photographs show the princess in all roles, together with the unique text makes this personal image of Beatrix complete.