The municipalities Leiden, The Hague, Deventer, Groningen and Breda establish a Council for Children. Aldermen of these cities will actively work with the recommendations of the children.
Last Tuesday Princess Laurentien of the Missing Chapter Foundation and Secretary Jetta Klijnsma (Social Affairs) attended the launch of it.
The boards in the test often consist of upper primary school pupils.
Princess Laurentien founded six years ago, the Missing Chapter Foundation to link children to companies.
Klijnsma proposes additional available for combating child poverty structurally 100 million for this year.
Klijnsma agreed with local authorities that they allow children thinking about how the money in their community can best be deployed. “A Council of Children that can help tremendously.”
Meanwhile, more than eighty companies have a Board of Children. These councils advise companies on all sorts of topics. Participating municipalities and companies need to decide what is done with the recommendations.