For the 50th anniversary of King Willem-Alexander, a gigapixel photo will be taken for the Royal Palace Amsterdam on Friday April 28th at 21.45. Due a special technique it is possible that not only the King and Queen and their dinner guests, but everyone on the Dam will be on this picture perfectly visible. Whether you are at the front of the palace or at the back of the monument at The Dam. The Gigapixel picture is 100x as sharp as an ordinary photo, allowing anyone to find themselves on the Dam. The photo can be found at https://gigapixel.nl/wa50/ within 50 minutes after being created and shared on social media.
Before the photo is taken, Radio Veronica plays the number 1 hits of the past 50 years on Dam. Immediately after the photo was taken, the opening of the Palace begins festively. Before opening, tickets for Friday night and Saturday nights can be booked at http://www.WA50.nl