King Willem Alexander was ‘Amazing’ in the interview on the occasion of his 50th birthday, according royal watchers. The King showed sides of himself, especially vulnerable, which have not been known so far, so is the tenor of the many comments. This was expressed in the (sometimes emotional) way he spoke about the death of his brother Friso, about his father’s depression, Prince Claus, his struggle as a puber who did not want to settle against his sick father, and the relationship with His two brothers.
On the question or Willem-Alexander, he has a serious life? , he says, “You do not have to feel sorry for me. I have an interesting life. ” He praises Máxima as ‘buddy, sparring partner, caring and forgiving if I’m crazy’.
He tells interviewer Wilfried de Jong about the appointment he had as a boy with his security officers. They did their job: ensure their safety. But their work was not to tell his parents what he spilled out.
Exactly this appointment he has with his children now. Against his oldest daughter Amalia, he says, “You must get to know yourself and learn from your mistakes. I also made that one. A lot.’ He says, “I do not even want to know about her possible straps.
Willem-Alexander fights against his tears when the death of Prince Johan Friso (1968-2013) is discussed. His one year younger brother was buried under a avalanche at Lech in 2012, hit a coma and did not get out of it anymore. “Even if there is no progress, you’ll hope,” says Willem-Alexander, “certainly with little positive signals. But the doctors said, take the signs as a gift, not as hope. ”
He confirms Friso’s image: “He wanted to do as little as possible with public life in the Netherlands.” New is his addition: “He also read me the lesson, sometimes not in a diplomatic way. But if you do not have that anymore, you miss that. ” And screaming about Beatrix: “You see what happens when a mother loses a child.”
Behind the king and his job lies an emotional but confident man, is the conclusion of the interview