Book from own collection : Diana, Portrait of a Princess


In this large photo book, color photographs and concise text illustrate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997) from September 1980, when it was clear that she would become the wife of the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles. After a preface and introduction about Diana, the contact between her and the photographer and the beginning friendship between Charles and Diana follows in three parts. The first is about the period when Diana was happy  and engaged, newly married wife and young mother of Prince William and Harry, 1981-1984. The second part is about 1985-1990, in which her marriage was getting worse, but she tried to make the best of of it. The last part makes it clear that she could not handle it anymore from 1991 and sought freedom. Fincher has been the only female court photographer for nearly 20 years, follewed Diana a lot more from 1980. That she understood Diana in her many facets makes this beautiful photo book with gorgeous color photographs, well printed on thick matte paper, convincingly clear. The text gives sober but good supporting information, which never becomes sensational. Cover portrait in Diana’s color.

Really a must have for the Diana, Princess of Wales fans


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