The state visit began during Monday morning when the royal couple were welcomed by President Joko Widodo and wife Iriana Widodo at a reception ceremony at the presidential palace Bogors. Istana Bogor, Bogorpalatset, is one of Indonesia’s six presidential palaces. The palace was built in 1745 and has since it was inaugurated been used both as a summer residence and the main residence of the governors-general and presidents. The current presidential couple lives in the palace.
After the national anthem, salute and inspection of the main guard presented the official delegation.

The king and the president then had a private meeting and then attended the bilateral meeting held between the Swedish and Indonesian delegation. Topics included trade and sustainability.

After the meeting, the King and the President of Indonesia respective statement to the media. The king spoke of the state visit as an expression of a commitment to strengthen cooperation between the countries and the common interest by increasing the exchange of education and research.
After the reception ceremony there was held a state banquet in the Palace.

The King made a speech and said:

“It is with great pleasure that the Queen and I now begin our visit to Indonesia. This state visit is historic because it is the very first of our two countries. It is my wish that in the coming days to lay a foundation for an even stronger relationship for many years to come.
Our two countries are in many ways different from each other. Yet we have much in common.

Swedish companies have a long history in Indonesia. Around 200,000 people are expected to be employed in the Swedish company’s activities in this country. And in Sweden, we have the privilege of receiving a small but growing number of Indonesian students in our universities and colleges.

Sweden and Indonesia share a great curiosity about new technologies. Social media has been adopted rapidly and widely among the population in both countries.

We are both prominent forest lands. Forests cover large parts of both our countries and are important sources of development and prosperity. But they also confronts us with a number of challenges. Like all renewable resources have forest managed in a prudent and sustainable manner. ”
In the afternoon, attended the King and Queen, along with Swedish and Indonesian government officials and business representatives, in a seminar on forestry and sustainability at the International Center for Forestry Research.
The Royal Couple was welcomed by CIFORs General Peter Holmgren. CIFOR, with headquarters in Bogor, is a non-profit scientific institution that conducts research on forestry and landscape management in the world. The Department works primarily with skogsbevaring and forest management, and working actively to strengthen ties to politicians and companies in order to drive the society in a more sustainable direction. Sweden is one of four founding countries

The seminar discussed and exchanged experiences in sustainable forest management, between Swedish and Indonesian actors from academia, industry and the public sector.
The evening concluded with a reception at the Embassy of Sweden for Swedes living in Indonesia