Book from own collection :Rainier von Monaco Ein Fürst und seine Familie


September 1982. Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Gracia Patricia walk in the garden of Grimaldi Palace and make plans: Gracia wants to go with daughter Stephanie a few days into the country. Princess & Prince will say good-bye to each other and will never see each other again … Gracias car accident has deeply shaped the Monegasque court. With this tragic event, Norbert Loh has his book started in 2005, and then, in many richly illustrated chapters, tell the exciting story of the Grimaldis. You will experience the great love between the prince and the film star, the dream wedding but also the changing life of the three so different children. Why Stephanie likes to be the sinner ,why Albert does not want to talk about marriages”? Princess Gracia the Prince Ernst August as husband for her Caroline favored … A fascinating panorama full of glamor and scandal, love and intrigue!

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