Every year almost 2,000 children are in the shelter with their mother. Often they must leave the family home without personal belongings as toothbrush, teddy bear or sleepwear. HRH Crown Princess Mary was packing special backpacks along with retired LEGO employees for These children.
Crown Princess Mary started the day by thanking the many retired LEGO employees for their hard work and read a touching message up from a mother whose child was given a backpack as they entered the shelterhome: “Two days after we arrived, we received the finest backpacks . My kids saw it, and then tears rolled down my cheeks of gratitude as they emptied the backpack in excitement … Such a little thing just means so much when sitting in the situation that we did. ”
Since 2008, over 19,000 children in shelters havereceived a backpack from the Mary Fund and Ole Kirk’s Fund. The backpack contains the most necessary that a child may be lacking when he or she comes to the shelter – from a toothbrush and towel for a diary and a teddy bear. At the same time it serves as a teaching tool for shelter children educator who can use it to open up the difficult conversation with the child about experiences with domestic violence.
“It is just as damaging to a child watching his mother being exposed to violence as even being exposed to violence. With the backpack project was our ambition to focus on the many children who grow up in violent homes. It was most of all a symbol and a recognition of the children, but the project has proved to be much more than that. Today we use child educator in shelters backpack as an important tool in the child’s healing process and the backpack holds a message to children that violence is never their fault, and that violence can never be justified. We and our partners are proud of the backpack project in its simplicity, ” says HRH Crown Princess on.
More than 50 shelters in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands distributes the backpacks.
The Backpack project was established in 2008 and since then every year been awarded a backpack with items such as toothbrush and towel, toys and teddy bears to children who have come to the shelter in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
Mary Fund is behind the Backpacks for children in shelters togehter with Ole Kirk’s Fund and LOKK – National Organization of Women’s Crisis Center. Gyldendal are the sponsors of backpack books.

The Backpacks are packed every year in LEGO Charity in Billund by retired LEGO employees.