Her Majesty Queen Máxima is the honorary president of the platform Wijzer in money matters. In this function, she calls attention of the importance of financial education and the wise handling of money.

Queen Máxima, among other things, speaks as a special advisor to the stakeholder platform on how to increase responsible financial behavior. In addition, she regularly attends events and meetings of the platform and holds talks about the importance of learning good money.

Wijzer in gelzaken is an initiative of the Ministry of Finance, in which partners from the financial sector, science, government, education and consumer organizations combine their efforts to promote responsible financial behavior in the Netherlands. Different research shows that many Dutch people – young and old – are having trouble charting their financial situation and keeping their finances tight.

Adults face life events like a marriage or registered partnership, getting children, or retirement that have consequences for their financial situation. Looking ahead can help to make the right financial considerations and to capture potential financial shocks.

According to Wijzer in money matters, the basis of sound financial behavior lies in three areas: management of money, financial planning, and making aware decisions about financial products. Responsible financial behavior in one area does not mean that this is automatically the same on the other. As far as children are concerned, Wijzer in money matters commits that they learn to deal with money at a young age, “young learned is done old” is the motto. This provides a role for both parents, education and the children themselves.

The platform organizes various activities for various target groups each year. Queen Máxima is regularly involved as an honorary president. In 2010, she initiated the National Week of Money for Primary Education. During this week, professionals give classes and workshops to children about learning how to handle money.

Queen Máxima engages in both the Netherlands and abroad for the development of financial skills and financial education, improving access to financial services and consumer protection in the field of financial products.

Queen Máxima is also a member of the Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship and Finance. In this function, she focuses on increasing access to funding for starting and existing entrepreneurs, combined with coaching. The committee is also focused on encouraging entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

Since 2009, Queen Máxima is a special advocate of the United Nations Secretary-General for inclusive funding for development. In this position, she advocates worldwide access to financial services such as a bank or savings account, insurance, pensions and loans to reduce poverty and enable the economic development of people and small businesses. Queen Máxima is also the honorary president of the global partnership for inclusive financing for development