Prince Maurits van Oranje-Nassau, van Vollenhoven attended the festivities in memory of the Battle of the Medway. In June, in the English city of Chatham, the successful Dutch attack in 1667 was commemorated on the English war fleet and shipyards.

On the Castle Upnor Castle, the Prince opened an exhibition about the Dutch Raid on the Medway. As an adjudicator in the extraordinary service of His Majesty the King, he takes off the fleet of the incoming Dutch fleet consisting of about 40 ships. With the theme ‘From Fire to Friendship’, Prince Maurits unveiled a historic placement on Chatham’s historic shipyard on the Medway. Prince Maurits visited the Zr.Ms. Holland and speaks with the crew. The activities in Chatham are a sign of friendship between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The Dutch navy, commissioned by Lieutenant Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, sailed the Medway in 1667 for an attack on the English war fleet and shipyards. Part of the English fleet that was anchored was destroyed including the HMS Royal Charles flagship. After this big loss on the English side, the fleet was modernized.