Prinses Beatrix bij uitreiking Zilveren Anjers

The Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund supports culture, nature and science in the Netherlands.
With financial contributions, assignments, prizes and scholarships we encourage special initiatives and talent. Every year more than 3,000 projects are supported, all with private money. As inspirator of contemporary patronage, they provide independent and expert advice on philanthropy to individuals, companies and foundations.

The Culture Fund has its headquarters in Amsterdam. From this, projects with a national appearance are supported. In addition, there are twelve provincial departments that support projects of regional or local significance.

The Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund was founded in London on 10 August 1940 as the “Spitfire Fund”. This fund raised money to buy war material for the battle against the German occupier. Prince Bernhard became patron of the fund. After the war, it got another goal: ‘Promoting mental resilience through cultural self-employment’. In the eighties there was conservation of nature and since 2015, we also promote culture, nature and science as well as the patronage aimed at these and related areas.