The Crown Princess: Mixed feelings for 40
She welcomes us (TT Nyhetsbyrån) at Haga Palace under a splendid summer sky. The Crown Princess is dressed in dark blue apparel, with her hair in a tight bun and a curious smile on her lips. She describes herself as “a little tired”.
– It is clear that there is a lot to be done with. But that’s what makes it exciting and charming too, says Crown Princess Victoria.
The interview is made on the glass veranda facing the private part of the garden behind the Palace. A large trampoline is located next to the gravel walk and in the sandbox near the playhouse, where the Crown Princess’s aunts Haga Princesses played as children, there are colorful plastic toys.

It is a special feeling that the family is back at Haga, Victoria says.

– I have never had the opportunity to meet my grandparents, so come here to Haga, which I know meant a lot to them and their children, it feels incredibly special. It feels a bit like getting them closer. An attempt to get to know them maybe.

Today the Princess has her own long-awaited family. Five years ago the dream about to become mom came true when Princess Estelle was born. Last year, the family was expanded with a little brother, Prince Oscar.
To unite the mission as crown princess to being a mother for small children at the same isn’t easy.

– There is a lot to be done with in a day and I really want to be an available mom, present and a mom who is a good role model too. And of course it should be combined with a professional role and it is not always that easy.

Even though the Crown Princess has a lot of help, she can also feel sad about what she misses.

– You miss a lot of nice moments with the kids. I belong to those who are careful to document the children’s upbringing. I’m really trying to actively observe and write down small things that happen.

TT: How would the Crown Princess describe Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle?

– Oscar is very calm. Highly observant. A little reserved but fearless. Social and loves his big sister. Estelle is so full of life. Loves people, secure, social, lovely humor, joking. And hugely caring. I have no boring children!, she says gladly.

An event that went straight into many hearts was when the Crown Princess, deeply moved, the day after the terror attack on Drottninggatan, came to the place to honor the victims.

– I felt a huge sadness in that it had also hit Stockholm and the open and accessible society we want. It was an attempt to understand what it was that hit us. But also, of course, to show my truly sincere involvement in the sorrow that so many people in the place felt, she says.

The Crown Princess learned early to live with the presence of photographers. But growing up in the spotlight also created performance anxiety. About her anorexia, she says now:

– It was a tough period. A fairly distraught period, not quite unusual for when you are in that age. I’m grateful that I got help, because it’s not so easy to get rid of such a situation yourself, when you feel very bad and have a lot of anxiety.

Today she has learned how to handle high demands and difficult emotions. She finds peace and harmony in nature.

– I’m not an indoor person, I feel much better when I’m outdoors. For me it means very much to come out, have a walk or run or just stay out, with the kids or so.

Even though the Crown Princess today focuses on her duties as just Crown Princess, she is also preparing to take over the throne one day.

– My whole life is about to serve Sweden. It may sound pretentious to say that today. But that’s really how I feel. I see my parents in their tireless work and with what joy they do, with an ever-ending interest. I hope I can feel the same joy they do when I am at their age.

TT: How are thoughts about 40?

– Well, the time is going too fast. I don’t feel at all like 40. But Princess Lilian always said that’s how you feel yourself that counts. In this case, it’s positive, because I do not feel like 40.

What she desires most of all? A long summer.

– I’m very ready for summer holidays right now, says Crown Princess Victoria.