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The ” Piet Hein ” is the National Wedding Gift of the Dutch People to H.K.H. Princess Juliana and Z.K.H. Prince Bernhard.

Following the announcement of the engagement in September 1936, the General Committee for the presentation of the national wedding present was established. This committee collected money throughout the country for a boat and improvements to the Soestdijk Palace and its layout.
A Technical Commission was charged with the construction of the Prinsen hunt. The wishes of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard went out to a motor boat suitable for Dutch inland waterways.

On March 25, 1937, kiellegging took place. On August 14, the ship was abandoned and on 28 August 1937 the ship was transferred to the Royal couple. In the period 1937-1940, the ship was used intensively. Almost no foreign head of state left our country without a trip with the Piet Hein. During the Second World War the ship was confiscated by the Germans. After the capitulation, the ship was found in bad condition in Hamburg.

In the period after 1945, after a very extensive restoration, the ship was re-sailed by the Royal Family, and the ship was privately owned and used frequently for official occasions. In 1953, the ship was also deployed as an evacuation ship during the watershed disaster.

In 1979 it became clear that Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard wanted to relinquish the ship to a foundation to aim for the ship’s ideal and museum destination.

In 1980, the Royal ship received a major maintenance turn at Den Helder last year and the ship was diverted to Rotterdam in December 1980. On 17 December 1980, Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard visited the Rotterdam Harbor and went for the last time aboard on their ship for a short boat trip to the Coolhaven. The motor yacht underwent a very thorough and complete “overhaul” in 1985-1990 including two maintenance periods on shore