Duke and Duchess of Cambridge & King & Queen of Belgium mark Battle of Passchendaele


In Ypres, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge and King Philippe and Queen Mathilde attended the Last Post . The British royals are in Belgium for the commemoration of 100 years Battle of Passendale. In the evening there was also a large-scale audiovisual show on the Great Market in Ypres.
Prince William was holding a speech after the traditional opening of the Last Post Association clarification blowers. He said that one hundred years after the war, Britain and Belgium are still stand together. He reflected on the meaning of the Menenpoort and the daily ceremony. A moment later, King Philippe took also the word. He paid tribute to the Last Post Association who has blown the Last Post over the Menenpoort over 30,000 times.

After that, the Last Post was blown by the clearers and wreaths were laid down by the members of the British and Belgian royal family, but also by nineteen representatives of all the countries that fought at the front.

Commemoration Battle at Passendale

On July 31, it was exactly 100 years since the Third Battle of Ypres, known as the Battle of Passendale, began. With the offensive, the British army hoped to give the German enemy the grace, in vain. 170,000 people, especially British and Germans, were injured around 300,000.


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