Princess Mako Of Akishino And Her Fiance Komuro Annouce Engagement


Princess Mako, the eldest grandchild of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, will marry a former classmate at her university, the Imperial Household Agency announced.

“Together with Mr. Komuro, I would like to make a warm and peaceful family that is full of smiles,”

Princess Mako said at the news conference in Tokyo’s Akasaka district, after the Emperor officially approved of their engagement during a ceremony Sunday morning.

“I was first attracted to his bright smiles that seemed like the sun,” she said.

In response, Komuro said Princess Mako “has been quietly watching over me like the moon.”

I would like to have a family that is always calm and peaceful,” he added.

The couple’s wedding ceremony is planned for next year, but not before summer, the agency said.

The couple addressed the media together for the first time Sunday since their relationship was first reported in May.

Princess Mako said she met Komuro during her freshman year at International Christian University in western Tokyo. They became close in 2012, when they participated in an orientation session for study abroad programs, she said.

As a part of the exchange program, Princess Mako studied at the University of Edinburgh, while Komuro attended the University of California, Los Angeles.

Komuro said the pair started dating before they went abroad.

Due to where we studied, “we were far from each other for a long period of time, but we continued contacting each other, and deepened our relationship,” Komuro said, adding that he proposed in December 2013 by saying, “Let’s get married in the future.”



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