Boris, Hereditary Prince of Montenegro


Boris Petrović-Njegoš, Hereditary Prince of Montenegro, Grand Duke of Grahovo and Zeta, (Born 21 January 1980 in Les Lilas, France) is the only son and heir of Prince Nikola of Montenegro and his late wife Francine Navarro.

Prince Boris graduated in June 2005 from the “École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratif” (Paris, France), one of the most famous French school in decorative arts. During his studies, he was particularly involved in the creation of computerised typography.


On 12 May 2007, Boris married Véronique Haillot Canas da Silva (b. 27 July 1976 in São Sebastião da Pedreira, Lisbon, Portugal), daughter of António Manuel Martins Canas da Silva, engineer, and wife Anne-Françoise-Dominique Haillot. They have one child:

* Her Highness Princess Miléna Petrovic-Njegoš of Montenegro, born at Maternité des Lilas, Seine-Saint-Denis, France on 11 February 2008 at 4:00am.

HRH Princess Véronique of Montenegro, Grand Duchess of Grahavo and Zeta holds the Order of Petrovic Njegos, the Order of St. Peter and the Order of Prince Danilo I (Grand Cross)


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