Book review : Mary Queen of Scots’ Downfall: The Life and Murder of Henry, Lord Darnley


Mary Queen of Scots’ Downfall: The Life and Murder of Henry, Lord Darnley
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Pen and Sword (November 21, 2017)
Language: English
Author : Robert Stedall

In the early hours of 10 February 1567 a large explosion ripped through the Provosts lodgings at Kirk o’ Field, Edinburgh, where Mary Queen of Scotland’s consort, Henry Lord Darnley, was staying. Darnley’s body was found with that of his valet in a neighboring garden the next morning. The Queen’s husband had been murdered and the ramifications for Mary and Scottish history would be far-reaching.

Lord Darnley cuts an infamous figure in Scottish and Tudor history. In life, he proved a controversial character, and his murder at Kirk o’ Field in 1567 remains one of British history’s great, unsolved mysteries – solving whether Mary was implicated has taxed historians ever since. In this engaging and well-researched biography, Robert Stedall reexamines Darnley’s life and his murder. It is not to be missed; his investigation brings new light and compelling conclusions to a story surrounded by political betrayal, murder, falsified evidence and conspiracy.

A well researched book with lots of details, like maps, drawings, genealogical tables and pictures . This was the first book about Mary Queen of Scots I have read ( I should absolutely read more about Mary , Queen of Scots) . Sometimes it was difficult to get through , but it was obvious how much research had gone into the book. I enjoyed the analysed evidence on the murder of Lord Darnley and how the murder affected Mary and led ultimately to her downfall. Learned a lot of Mary, Queen of Scots and her second husband Henry Stewart, a person with a bad personality, arrogant, rude, violent, not so well liked ( no wonder).
Mary Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots’ Downfall: The Life and Murder of Henry, Lord Darnley was a very informative read.
The New Royalty World recommends this book, especially for people who are interested in Scottish history.
Book available at : amazon-logo download bol-com-logo

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