Book review : Escorting the Monarch -by Chris Jagger


Hardcover: 184 pages
Publisher: Pen & Sword History (30 Oct. 2017)
Language: English

Escorting the Monarch is as close to an official history of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Special Escort Group’ (SEG) as one could hope for. You may have seen the team at work; as the combination of motorcycles and cars pass you by, they glide elegantly and seemingly effortlessly through busy traffic. Developing a dedicated and diligent team culture, they are masters of their trade. They hold a well-earned reputation for excellence amongst their peers; delivering their passengers (and cargo) on time, safely, in a great deal of style, and without fuss or mishap. Professional and precise in the execution of their operations, they are neither shaken nor stirred. Although the work of the SEG demands exquisitely high levels of presentation there is little room for gloss or glitter. The individuals and property they are charged to protect are assessed by government to need the highest possible levels of protection. From queens, kings, presidents and emperors, to priceless works of art, terrorists and high risk prisoners, the group escort them all. Written by the son of a retired SEG officer who himself served in the British Government’s security and intelligence community, Escorting the Monarch is told, in part, through first hand stories and anecdotes gleaned from former officers of the group. The insights offered are unique, privileged and first of their kind. Chris Jagger unfolds a collection of fascinating and never before told stories built on high profile events, such as the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, and the visit of Nelson Mandela. Now the SEG have honed their skills for over 6 decades. Through a carefully constructed description of a changing security and political environment across the decades, and an insightful analysis of the ingenuity of those who have severed with the SEG, Escorting the Monarch explains the events that made the group who they are today.

Chris Jagger – Author with HRH Prince Michael of Kent

We from The New Royalty World knew the SEG only from TV with Royal events, This book was/ is a very pleasant introduction to the SEG.
A wonderful behind the scenes view into a one of the worlds most elite police units. Lots of previously unseen historical information. The info and stories which been told in the book, you don’t read about in the history books.
Those kinds of stories are what makes this book so much more than just a “history” book about a British motorcycle patrol. We do not call it a history book but an ode to the SEG members with their responsible work.

Chris Jagger – Author with the President of Iceland Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson

The author Chris Jagger is a son of a former SEG officer and the book is very personal and at the same time unique. Through his interviews with former SEG members the author gives a special look behind the scenes with facts about the work and the people they excorted we do not now before, like Emperor Hirohito, the first men (Yuri Gagarin)and woman (Valentina Tereshkova) in Space.

A lot of photos never seen before ( even of Diana, The Princess of Wales)
Foreword written by HRH Prince Michael of Kent
Highly reccomend

Book available at : bol-com-logo download amazon-logo

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