Book review : The Queen’s Marriage


The Queens Marriage Front Cover FINAL 30 05 2018

The Queen’s Marriage
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Dynasty Press Ltd (28 Jun. 2018)
Language: English
By : Lady Colin Campbell

In this new book royal historian Lady Colin Campbell covers The Queen’s Marriage in intimate detail. Using her connections and impeccable sources she recounts details of the inside story of the monarch’s relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh and her close family.

This book was a little bit disappointing, very much historical fact, but not much about the Royal Marriage. Many names and fact doesn’t in my opinion belong into the book. Much details also about who’s related to whom. Great if you wanna read a book about this fact’s, but the title of the book is : The Queen’s marriage, and people buy and read the book because they wanna now more about the 70 years of marriage of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. Not the political fact of the Suez Crisis in Egypt etc.
It is not a bad book, if you love book’s about Royal Families and their Historical fact and whom they releated too, than you should buy the book. If you only interested in the marriage of Queen Elizabeth I should think about it.
Book available at: amazon-logo cn2 bol-com-logo

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